Talent recruitment
Talent recruitment

1.Investment Development/Business Development Post

Job requirements:
1.Carry out external development business for various types of commercial projects in China according to the company's business strategy;
2.Independently look for investment projects or investment channels, and complete the development targets issued by the company;
3.Responsible for the overall development of commercial projects nationwide, and the market survey, resource negotiation, cost and other work for the business involved;
4.Find real estate projects with development value, and carry out market research, analysis and positioning, feasibility analysis, evaluation of investment risk, etc.;
5.Familiar with the main nodes and business process of development, independently responsible for the communication and negotiation with government departments or investors and Party A, and solve the related problems in the process of project development in a coordinated manner.
Job requirements:
1.Bachelor degree or above, at least 8 years’ experience in investment attraction operation or asset-light project development, and large-scale commercial business management experience. Preference will be given to those with experience leading a successful project acquisition;
2.Have the background of commercial real estate brand export, foreign cooperation and acquisition and merger, successful cases, contacts and rich resources;
3.Familiar with the business development of domestic commercial real estate and related industry regulations, have strong negotiation skills, strong coordination and problem-solving capabilities, and have unique insights into commercial operation management;
4.Have strong communication skills, good interpersonal insight, and strong team spirit;
5.Familiar with commercial project positioning planning, investment attraction operation management, and brand resources of various formats.

2.Investment Attraction Management Post

Job responsibilities:
1.Responsible for completing investment attraction tasks according to investment promotion requirements and schedule targets, including customer contact, negotiation, signing tracking and later coordination, etc;
2.Responsible for the development and maintenance of related categories and brand resources, and can keep a long-term good cooperative relationship with customers on behalf of the company;
3.Participate in the investment adjustment of the company’s outlets project, and can propose reasonable suggestions on the project’s format, planning, brand combination, etc.;
4.Responsible for collecting and analyzing the market data of related categories, and collecting the brand information and basic business terms of the projects for which the company competes.
Job requirements:
1.Have more than 5 years’ experience in commercial investment attraction, and more than 3 years’ investment attraction experience in related categories;
2.Familiar with the investment attraction process and investment attraction working standards of commercial projects, and have investment attraction experience in 1-2 large shopping centers or well-known department stores. Those with experience in outlets projects will be preferred;
3.Have rich brand resources and good industry reputation, and keep good business contacts with brand owners;
4.Have strong business development ability, communication and collaboration ability, and certain team management ability;
5.Can accept long-term business trips and short-term field assignments.

3.Risk Control Post

Job requirements:
1.Responsible for establishing the company’s risk control system, formulating risk control goals and plans, and promoting the implementation;
2.Guide the formulation of risk management policies and procedures, and carry out risk prevention and control guidance and inspection;
3.Responsible for risk control model and database of related products in the company’s business area;
4.Responsible for the guidance and inspection of the prevention and resolution of credit risks, market risks, operational risks, financial risks, legal risks and other risks;
5.Responsible for assessing the risk control of the company’s business operation, carrying out risk assessment and analysis, and proposing risk prevention measures;
6.Participate in the decision-making of major projects of the company and provide reference opinions;
7.Participate in the approval of various projects and due diligence of major projects.
Job requirements:
1.Agree with the company’s corporate culture and business concept;
2.Have more than 8 years’ working experience in risk control and internal control management, and more than 3 years’ internal working experience in commercial real estate, commerce and related enterprises;
3.Have a deep understanding of economy, finance, finance, law and other fields, and familiar with national policies in economy, finance, etc. and related laws and regulations;
4.Have strong analysis and learning ability, grasp the macroeconomic background, industry and regional economic development trend;
5.Have experience in successfully building risk control systems.

4.Project General Manager/Deputy General Manager (Reserve) Post

Job requirements:
1.Organize the implementation of the newly developed projects according to the company’s development strategic planning, and organize the formulation of relevant strategies for newly developed projects;
2.Responsible for the opening preparation and opening operations such as preliminary format planning, brand placement, investment attraction, opening, later operation and internal management of newly developed projects;
3.Responsible for the daily management of newly developed projects, as well as the personnel, cost, engineering, investment and operation management of the projects.
Job requirements:
1.Bachelor degree or above, and major in management;
2.More than 10 years’ working experience in the commercial industry, and more than 5 years’ experience in the same post. Those with experience in outlets project management will be preferred;
3.Familiar with commercial real estate management mode and commercial retail management operation, and have local brand resources in Chengdu. Those with experience in local outlets and Mall operation management in Chengdu will be preferred;
4.The post will be reserved in Beijing in the early stage and dispatched nationwide according to the progress of the project.

 Recruitment email: zhaopin@outletchina.com

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