Clean Outlet
Clean Outlet
  “Clean Outlet” is a special set up reporting channel in order to regulate employee’s professional behavior, prevent and punish employee’s illegal activities, enforce employee’s consciousness of bottom line and red line within organizations to maintain the business production, operation, management and benefits, and to build an incorruptible, self-discipline, positive and healthy ecological environment.

Reporting Channel Reporting Notice
Reporting Hot-line:
010-56760399, extension 834

Postal Address:
Ministry of Supervision of OUTLET (CHINA) 
No.1066 Huihe South Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Postal code: 100107

Email Address:
Reporting Range
  1、Any unauthorized commercial activities and social activities in the name of the company of OUTLET (CHINA) or OUTLET INVESTMENT&MANAGEMENT CO.,LTD.
  2、Any violation of company rules and regulation, damage the interests of the company OUTLET (CHINA) or OUTLET INVESTMENT&MANAGEMENT CO.,LTD and any unhealthy practices, violation of discipline, fraud, integrity.
The Duty of Report
  1、The facts that provided by informers should be objective and truthful. Informers must not fabricate、distort the truth, must not falsely accused others、frame up others. Informers should be responsible for the evidence that they provided. Informers must not wrong innocent people through hearsay.
  2、Informers should obey national rules and regulations and must not make others’ legal right impaired.
 Confidentiality statement 
  We encourage real-name reporting and we promise to keep strictly confidential for informers’ personal information.

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