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New Environment and New Vision: The Celebration for OUTLET (CHINA)’s Moving to the New Address was Successfully Held


On November 27, the ceremony for OUTLET (CHINA)’s moving to a new office was grandly held on the banks of Tonghui River in Beijing. Leaders such as Hu Xingrong, chairman of Duofu International Holdings Group, Zhang Ruilun, chairman of the Bboard of OUTLET (CHINA), and Zeng Xian, president of OUTLET (CHINA), attended the ceremony and delivered speeches.

Hu Xingrong, chairman of Duofu International Holdings Group, said that this moving is an important measure for OUTLET (CHINA) to actively practice the new development concept based on the new stage and actively integrate into the new development pattern with the main body of domestic cycle and the mutual promotion of domestic and international double cycles.

Zhang Ruilun, chairman of the board of directors of OUTLET (CHINA), pointed out that OUTLET (CHINA) is the world’s largest investment, development and operation company of outlets industry, as well as a comprehensive investment operator in the new modern service industry. With the resources of more than hundreds of international famous brands, the company has created a new model of economic development, and is the model and leader of China's outlets industry. The company actively integrates itself into the double cycles, practices its internal skills, truly focuses on scientific and technological innovation and independent R&D, pays close attention to the core competitiveness, and does a good job in real business to promote consumption. OUTLET (CHINA) will continue to tap the potential of domestic demand, meet everyone’s demand for increased consumption, enable the recovery of the real economy, and continue to help the double cycles.


Zeng Xian, president of OUTLET (CHINA), expressed her thanks to all the guests who attended the ceremony and the leaders who cared about the development of the company, and also expressed her cordial sympathy to the colleagues who worked hard in the process of opening the new office. She said the use of OUTLET (CHINA)’s new office marks a new phase for OUTLET (CHINA). Under the leadership of the board of directors, the company will build the best, most innovative, most competitive and most professional outlets elite team in China, and strive to realize the vision of leaping in one year, taking off in two years and listing in three years.

She also said that this moving can be taken as a new starting point in the development process of OUTLET (CHINA). In the future, it is necessary to take this opportunity to adapt to the new normal of economic development, meet new challenges and march towards a new future with a new look.

Subsequently, witnessed by many guests and all employees of OUTLET (CHINA), Hu Xingrong, chairman of Duofu International Holdings Group, and Zhang Ruilun, chairman of the board of directors of OUTLET (CHINA), cut the ribbon for OUTLET (CHINA)’s moving to a new address.
Next, OUTLET (CHINA) will make great efforts in the new journey, focusing on the development and construction of first-class outlets format, helping the gathering and sharing of domestic front-line business resources, revitalizing the real economy, innovating business modes, creating greater value for outlets industry, and constantly creating new brilliance!

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