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OUTLET(CHINA) Entered Yunmeng Ark Industrial New City in Yi

On December 25, 2020, OUTLET(CHINA) and Hunan Dongfang Shenyun Real Estate Co., Ltd. formally signed a cooperation agreement on the entry of BalletTown, the outlets commercial complex into Yunmeng ark industrial new city. On the same day, they also witnessed the signing ceremony of Wenjun Runcai Experimental School in Yiyang with Changjun School gene, and the signing ceremony of listed company Hevol Real Estate.

Left: Ye Zhihui, vice president of OUTLET(CHINA)
Right: He Wei, general manager of Hunan Dongfang Shenyun Real Estate Co., Ltd.
Xie Kezan, member of the Standing Committee of Ziyang District CPC Committee and secretary of the Politics and Law Committee, Zhong Fenglin, member of the Party Group of Ziyang District People’s Congress, nominee of the deputy director of Ziyang District People’s Congress and secretary of the Party Group of Ziyang District Education Bureau, Chen Maohui, director of Ziyang District Tax Bureau, He Shun, director of Ziyang District Bureau of Commerce, Xia Zhichang, chairman of Hunan Wenjin Education Management Co., Ltd., Ye Zhihui, vice president of OUTLET(CHINA) Limited, Yang Qiping, chairman of Hevol Real Estate Group Hunan Company, Yin Feng, general manager of Hevol Service Group Hunan Company, He Yuncai, chairman of Yiyang Huxiangqing Co., Ltd. and the actual controller of Yunmeng Ark, and He Wei, general manager of Hunan Dongfang Shenyun Co., Ltd. attended the signing ceremony.

The Participants Took a Group Photo as a Souvenir

At the signing ceremony, Ye Zhihui, vice president of OUTLET(CHINA) gave a brief introduction to the project. BalletTown·Outlets in Yiyang invested and constructed by OUTLET(CHINA) and Hunan Dongfang Shenyun Real Estate Co., Ltd. this time is the most fashionable brand with the most complete commercial formats under OUTLET(CHINA) Limited. BalletTown·Outlets in Yiyang introduces international first-line and second-line brands and light luxury brands, and gathers hundreds of brand businesses, including retail, catering, leisure, entertainment, children’s paradise, international cinemas, large supermarkets and other formats, to meet all the commercial needs of life, enhance the commercial market in Yiyang area, serve consumers in Yiyang and surrounding counties and cities, and bring good business quality needs to everyone.  

Ye Zhihui, Vice President of OUTLET(CHINA) Delivered a Speech
It is understood that the project of Yunmeng Ark Industrial New City is a model of “attracting investment with the help of enterprises” of Ziyang District. After entering Hunan Dongfang Shenyun Real Estate Co., Ltd., China Anneng Kangsheng Industry (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. has made every effort to build an industrial cluster integrating culture and tourism, health, education, commerce and community, and built a new industrial city with characteristics that is “beneficial to tourism, learning, living and health”.

Rendering of Project Master Planning
The project of Yunmeng Ark Industrial New City covers a total area of about 2500 mu, with a total construction area of about 800,000 square meters. The new plan is to fully respect the original natural landscape texture, and fully follow the design concept that lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets, and form five functional blocks, namely, health and science and education group, health and vacation group, cultural tourism and leisure group, characteristic business group, and livable waterfront group under the original functional planning of the resort, and arrange vertically from south to north in a group style, including business and trade services, entertainment and leisure, scientific and technological innovation education, ecological living, tourism and vacation, life services, cultural creativity, health preservation, sightseeing and other supporting facilities, so as to build the whole industrial chain of healthy town. Relying on the profound historical and cultural heritage of Yiyang, Yunmeng Ark International Health Resort injects characteristic cultural genes, takes tourism vacation and spa health as the core, integrates commerce, education, entertainment, health, sports and residence, to create a poetic international cultural tourism and health resort.

It is believed that with the strong entry of BalletTown·Outlets in the future, more quality lifestyles will be introduced to Yiyang, which are truly synchronized with the world, and a strong driving force will be injected into improving the development level of local modern service industry and the take-off of local economic development.

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